Published on 6th June 2017 ABSENCE OF A COMPANY SEAL DOES NOT INVALIDATE A COMPANY’S CONTRACT Justice K. A Jose of the Lagos State High Court on Monday, 5th June 2017 awarded judgment against Henpatray Concept Nigeria Limited in favour of  Mr. Wole Sonuga and his company, Exchequer Limited who are the claimants in a commercial.. read more →

Published on 4th May 2017 Piracy of ‘AGAINST THE RUN OF PLAY’: Examining the issues and proffering solutions Ever since Olusegun Adeniyi, a former presidential spokesman for the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua launched his book titled “Against the Run of Play”, there has been a lot of concerns voiced out by many regarding the piracy.. read more →

Published on 3rd April, 2017 PRIDE, POLITICS AND LAW: Nigerian  Senate Versus Colonel Hammed Ali (retd) PART TWO ……………………………………………………………………………… Still trying to enlighten Col. Hammed Ali (retd) on his need to wear the uniform of the Nigeria Customs Service of which he is the Controller General, the example of Major General Haladu Hananiya (Retd) was.. read more →

Published on 22nd March 2017 PRIDE, POLITICS AND LAW: Nigerian  Senate Versus Colonel Hammed Ali (Retd) The Controller General of Nigeria Customs Service, Retired Colonel Hammed Ali has of recent been enmeshed in an imbroglio with the Nigerian Senate over several issues of which first on the list is the introduction of a retroactive regulation.. read more →

Published on 17th March 2017 AUTHORS RIGHTS IN NIGERIA: THE JOURNEY WITH REPRONIG Not many Nigerians are aware that there is a body licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Nigerian Copyright Commission to take care of the rights of authors, photographers, computer programmers, columnists, brand designers, script writers and essayists hence this.. read more →

Published on 8th March 2017 CRIPPLING JUSTICE THROUGH BUREAUCRACY: THE LAGOS EXAMPLE The Lagos Division of the Federal High Court is located in the serene environment of Oyinkan Abayomi drive at Ikoyi in Lagos state. It is unarguably the busiest Federal High Court division in Nigeria judging by the amount of cases that go through.. read more →

Published on 15th February 2017 JUSTICE SYLVESTER NGWUTA’S TRIAL: Seeing Tomorrow’s report card today ………………………………………………….. One needs no soothsayer to correctly predict that the criminal case filed by the Federal Government of Nigeria against Justice Sylvester Ngwuta of the Supreme Court of Nigeria will not see the daylight of justice. This handwriting on the wall.. read more →

Published 16th September 2015 DEMONIZATION OF THE NEW ADMINISTRATION OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE ACT 2015: A WORRISOME TREND The enactment of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 has been applauded as an outstanding step taken by the Federal Government of Nigeria in recent times to redress the poor administration of criminal justice system in Nigeria. However, if.. read more →

The Risk of reporting a debtor to the police MUSA DAIBU Versus INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE, AND THREE OTHERS: A Case Study. The applicant, Musa Daibu filed an action in court bordering on infringement of his fundamental human rights by the Inspector General of Police and three other respondents which included the investigating police officers.. read more →