Published on 2nd February 2018


Following the expiration of his notice of intention to commence legal action served on Police Sergeant Shaibu Sunday together with the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2 and the Police Service Commission, Lawrence C. Nnoli Esq, our managing partner has filed a summary summons against Sergeant Shaibu Sunday and the Nigerian Police Authorities at the Magistrate Court of Lagos State with suit number MKD/10M/2018 for payment of damages of ten million naira for assault, battery and defamation meted on him on the 29th September 2017 by Sergeant Shaibu Sunday at the Zonal Intervention Squad, Ladegboye, Ikorodu, Lagos,.

As it would be recalled, the claimant who is a lawyer visited Zonal Intervention Squad, Ladegboye, Ikorodu, Lagos on the 29th September 2017. The visit of the claimant was premised on a frantic phone call he received from his client, Mr. Ralph Ihedioha who was arrested by men of the Zonal Intervention Squad at the behest of one Miss Omowunmi Adegboyega who alleged fraud against the claimant’s client. The claimant’s client was arrested at his office in Oshodi, Lagos without prior letter of invitation or notice from the policemen attached with the Zonal Intervention Squad or from the Nigeria Police Force and without any warrant of arrest and was conveyed with his own vehicle all the way from Oshodi to Ikorodu by policemen from the Zonal Intervention Squad. After receiving the call from his client, the claimant rushed down to the premises of the Zonal Intervention Squad which also houses a police station, he was directed upon enquiry at the Police desk to the Zonal Intervention Squad corner where his client together with the Investigating Police Officer who is Sergeant Shaibu Sunday were seated.

The claimant greeted the Investigating Police Officer and his client and introduced himself as the lawyer to Mr. Ralph Ihedioha. Before the claimant could finish his introduction, the Investigating Police Officer, Sergeant Shaibu Sunday started shouting at him, shaking his fists at his face and telling him to leave the premises and that he will not give him the opportunity to talk to his client until he the Investigating Police Officer finishes taking down the statement of Mr.Ralph Ihedioha. When the claimant tried to explain to the Investigating Police Officer that such procedure is alien in criminal procedure, the Investigating Police Officer who was wearing an earring, rose up sharply and ordered the plaintiff to leave the Zonal Intervention Squad premises immediately.

The claimant fearing an immediate attack upon himself from the Investigating Police Officer, turned around and started walking out of the Zonal Intervention Squad premises. While he was walking out of the Zonal Intervention Squad premises, the Investigating Police Officer Sergeant Shaibu Sunday rushed towards him and violently pushed him three times shouting on him and calling him derogatory names demeaning his status as a qualified lawyer. While this was happening, one of the policemen together with the driver of the claimant’s client and one of his employees rushed towards the Investigating Police Officer, restrained him, begging him that there is no need for the assault on the claimant since he is already obeying his orders of leaving the ZIS premises. Despite those physical restraints, he continued to shout and berate the plaintiff with derogatory statements.

When the claimant left the ZIS premises, he put a phone call to the commander of the Zonal Intervention Squad who is CSP Olugbenga Megbope and reported the incident to him. Following this, the commander intervened and prevailed on the sergeant to allow the claimant to attend to his client.

The matter has been set down for report of service at the court on 15th February 2018.

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